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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Mini Cake Stand 

The Supplies you'll need.  
(Usually you can find the glass pieces at the Dollar Store; my store was out 
so I had to spend a little more elsewhere.)

Run a very thin line of glass glue around the top of your taper candle holder.
Carefully center the candle plate above the taper candle holder and press down.

If you're looking for a clear cake stand you're done!

I wasn't thrilled with how the line of glue was visible from the top and wanted white
to go with my party theme so I used spray paint to coat it. 

Viola! A cute mini cake stand.  

Note: I'm not going to put food directly on this stand. If you wish to, you'll need to ensure 
you've used non-toxic paint. This would be fine to put cupcakes on (they have wrappers) or lay a paper doily on it for cookies or other treats.

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