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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making Frappuccino Bottles into Milk Bottle Decorations

It's hard to believe that you could ever improve on a Starbucks Frappuccino, but I've found a way to make these jars even better! First step is to empty (enjoy) the contents.

Next peel off the labe - soak them in water if they're being stubborn. There will be a film of sticky glue left behind, I used Goo Gone to remove this. (Painters Goo Gone only smeared it and soaking in soapy water did nothing.) Next wash the bottles thoroughly inside and out and dry.

When they are completely dry get your oil-based paint.

Pour some in one of the jars.

Pour the paint out and rotate it while you poor.

Keep rotating it until all the paint is poured out and the jar is coated.

Wipe off the lip if needed.

When they're all done Goo Gone Painter's Pal will easily clean up any little spills and splatters. 
This magic spray will also remove the numbers and letters printed on the glass bottles.

Let the jars dry completely. In the mean time spray paint the lids. 
Put the lids back and you have a cute milk jar decoration.

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