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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My son loves the show 
Go, Diego, Go!
so it was easy to come up with the theme for his third birthday.
Most of these ideas could also be used for a Jungle theme party.

 These centerpieces were made with dishes from our local dollar store with squares of florist's foam covered in green tinsel (also from our DS). I made the signs on the computer and added stickers of Diego.
They also doubled as a game. We hid small toy snakes, frogs, and lizards in the "grass." When the time came we told the kids where to look and let them keep what they found.

The Snacks

 We stuck with our Jungley theme right down to the snacks. I purchased decorative boxes at the DS and covered them in scrapbook paper to match the rest of the party.

The Cake

Jungle Cake with "Baby Jaguar" on top

This was the other game we played. It also used decorations. From our computer I printed out "Click the Camera" cards with animal tracks in the lens. Then I printed several more tracks to tape around the party. I used my Cricut to create the animals, but you could easy find pictures on the internet too.

The kids drew a click the camera card then matched it to the tracks on the 
wall and followed it to the animal that left the prints. 

I really liked this game because the kids weren't into it beforehand; the
 leaves hiding the animals just looked like decorations.

Party Favors

These were the favors. "Rescue Packs" purchased at, you guessed it, the DS!
 I used craft foam sheets and permanent markers to make the features and hot glue to attach them.

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  1. I love your Go Diego Go theme, you did an amazing job! Where did you find the letters for your party banner? Where did you find your animals and animal prints? How bout your camera? I'm trying to keep things simple and am horrible at drawing! Thanks!