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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ponyo Party

Ponyo, Ponyo, Little Fishy by the Sea
My daughter loved the movie Ponyo when she was five.
 So for her sixth birthday we threw her a Ponyo Party.

While most of the ideas in this post are affordable, they were also pretty time consuming. If you're going to attempt it be sure to have some nice comfortable and sharp scissors handy.

The Invitations
Each invitation had a small pocket glued on the back that held Ponyo

 Lift her out of the bucket and there is the party info
Here's where your scissors first come in handy. Each piece of this was cut out by hand.


Yeah, that's a live gold fish for a centrepiece. I know, my husband thought it was a little over the top too.
In my defence this is one of the cheapest party decorations I ever made. We already had the globe shaped vases (they were only $1 at the DS) and you can get small goldfish for less than $.30. 
We only needed two centrepieces so we kept our new pets, but if you were to use more they could be used as prizes towards the end of the party - just warn parents before their child is sent home with a 
live party favor!

 Party Menu
There is really no sushi in the movie, but it is set in Japan and we love sushi so we made lots of big platters in various flavors.  It was a great option for the adults at the party and a few of the kids liked it too. We didn't have any left when the party was over!

You've got to watch to movie to understand these menu items, but the kids LOVED it! We separated the Ramen noodles from the broth so it wouldn't get soggy and had three Ponyo toppings to add in.

Ponyo loves Ham, but since we're vegetarian we used Wham.  
Kids gobbled up these simple sandwiches too. Just ham, cheese, and lettuce.

I didn't know if our cake would be enough so I made some simple cupcakes and stuck a chocolate sea shell on top to go along with the ocean-water aspect. I made the shells with a Wilton mold and swirled chocolate and vanilla almond bark. You can also buy chocolate seashells. It would cost more, but they taste way better and would save time.

 The Cake
This is actually cake attempt number two.
 I initially wanted Ponyo peaking out of her green bucket, but somewhere late in the night realized it was not working (the bucket wouldn't stand and rice krispy Ponyo was looking a little deformed). 
So I quickly made a simple 2 layer round cake, covered it in blue fondant and made a relief style fondant Ponyo. This wasn't too hard because I already had the pattern from making the invitations. 
All around the bottom I put more chocolate shells, green taffy sea weed, and candy rocks.

The Favors
Again with the scissors - I made each child a little Ponyo puppet. I cheated and used hot glue instead of sewing them. Then we tucked them in a green bucket with blue shredded paper (to represent the water and be a filler so Ponyo would be peaking out). We added a few other doo-dads and lined them up for guests.

 Our Ponyo

First we set up slip and slides and sprinklers in our backyard and let the kids go wild.
This picture shows the benefit of basing a party around a movie. It can be a good way to let kids wind down after all the sweets and excitement.

I consider a party a success if it gets kids to nap afterward :)

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