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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Sew" Cute
Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

 Games and Activities 
Cookie decorating: We baked the cookies up the night before, but you could easily buy some plain sugar cookies from a bakery. Use canned frosting with a few drops of food color. (Canned frosting is really easy for kids to work with and really easy for grown-ups to prepare.) Set out a few shakers of various sprinkles and it's that easy to have an activity that every kid will love.

Craft Time! My kids love crafts. I started collecting early and found lots of things on clearance and some at yard sales then just added a few that I had in my craft closet. 
This made the activity much less expensive than it looks.

Cute little Button Pins (from Oriental Trading).

Lots of buttons here, there, and everywhere!

The girls loved this craft. 
I used my Cricut with the cartridge "Twinkle Toes" to create these little cuties. I clued the hair to the bodies ahead of time and then created lots and lots of clothes for the kids to mix and match.

Then they added button eyes and outlined the mouth. 
These turned out so cute! I'm saving the ones my kids made and you might see them used as a garland 
another time (Thanks for the idea Bri!)

 The Cake

I ran out of time with the cake. (Don't ever plan a party for the day after a camping trip!) So it's pretty simple, but the birthday Girl was totally delighted to make one of her Lalaloopsies part of the party. The rest of the topper is just two skewers with some string and felt buttons - real buttons would work just a well.

It was a small cake so I whipped up some cupcakes too. I found this was a great for a kids party. Not only did it give our guests more options, it also let little ones who had to leave early something to take along. You can't attend a birthday party and not have cake, right?

This is pretty much an oversized ring toss game.  It was an affordable addition being that I already had the buttons, felt, and flower pot. The cactus is just a paper mache'd  balloon.

Little sheriff stars would make a really cute prize with this game.

 Treasure Hunt
I wanted to include at least one activity that wasn't too girly. This game was a hit with ALL the kids. I just used photos as clues because I knew there would be some young ones who couldn't read yet.

I varied the level of difficulty by how close up the photo was. Some were easy, like our strawberry plants...
others were a little harder. Like this one of my watering can.
I also had one that was just a close up of the fabric on my clothes pin holder.

I loved this game because it got the kids moving when they were starting to feel a bit restless and, depending on your needs, it's easily done indoors or out.

Here I used those cute little cake stands I made last month with some little lantern stands I already had. Then I just made "7" signs with scrapbook paper and some of the buttons. I bought a mini sewing kit package for just $1 (at Walmart) and set those pieces below the sign

More scrapbook paper, a little hot glue, and a spool of ribbon is all it takes to make one of these banners!
You can find a tutorial on pinterest for the tissue paper flowers. (They end up costing only about $1!)

This back drop is just torn strips of an old sheet that had a tear in it. (First time I've ever been excited to find a hole in a sheet!) Then I added strips of plain old crepe paper and a few tissue flowers. I pinned and taped all this to some wood frames I found at a yard sale, but it could also be tied to a clothes line rope and hung almost anywhere.

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