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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Family Movie Night:
Can you guess what movie we watched?


Here are my Ratatouille casseroles all ready for the oven.
 I looked up lots of different recipes for this and took the ideas I like from different ones to create my own. It turned healthy and yummy (hidden below all those veggies is a delicious tomato sauce). Best of all you get a huge portion (this is only 8 servings between both dishes) for only 100 calories! 
I'll happily share my process if anyone is interested.

Ratatouille for Ratatouille family night is obvious but we added two other simple french dishes to balance our meal out. This is a fennel salad that is really easy, and something different to try. I found this recipe at 

The recipe for these stuffed mushrooms were also from the website "Easy French Food"
Not as easy as the salad, but still worth the effort.

Here's the main course out of the oven. 

So this meal may not seem very kid friendly but I was pleasantly surprised. All three of my kids wanted seconds on the ratatouille and the salad. Maybe they're a little odd though, probably not many kids out there who won't eat macaroni and cheese but can't get enough vegetarian French food! Whatever the reason, we all enjoyed this months dinner and movie and dessert....
French Macarons
I was totally surprised by how well these turned out. After much internet research I was feeling very intimidated by these little cookies, but not having the $2.75 per cookie to go buy them at our local french bakery I dove in and gave it a try. 

Like I said, researching how to make these will stress you out. So after all that time, I decided to try the simplest recipe I could find. This came from Martha Stewart. Don't be intimidated by "almond flour." That's just ground up almonds. You can do it in your coffee grinder or food processor.
 I kept with the basic recipe and sandwiched simple ganache between. 

Maybe it was beginner's luck but all my cookies came out with "feet," crispy outer shells, fluffy and chewy on the inside. They were amazing.

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