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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Movie Night
Once a month we schedule a "Family Movie Night." 
Before the year started I came up with twelve themes (dinner and movies that go together) and created these tickets. At the start of each month we pull out our card, check our calendars, and choose a date.
We usually choose kid movies, but this month's movie was: 
State Fair


 Some of the food was just "Fair Food," others were just ones the kids liked the looks of at the Dollar Store, but a few are right from the movie. I had to have mincemeat, if you've ever seen the movie you know why. And the sour pickles were so easy and affordable and kids seem to love everything more when you put it on a skewer!

 Our movie night this month fell on a birthday so the cake banner says "Happy Birthday" but it would be just as cute and easy saying "State Fair"

This was one of our more elaborate movie nights. I'll keep posting as we have more. There will definitely be some that are more simple and affordable later.

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