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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bottle Cap 
Chore Chart
Start with some bottle caps and tweezers. You can collect and wash used bottle caps, but these are often misshapen so I took the easy route and found a store that sells bottling supplies. 
They were less then $3 for 150 of them.

The first step is to remove the seal that is in each cap. Place them on a cookie sheet and heat in a 300 degree oven for 5-10 minutes. You'll see some of the seals starting to lift. Using two sets of tweezers pull the seal off. It should come off clean. If not put the caps back in the oven for a few more minutes.
You'll need to work quickly in small batches. As they cool back down the seal will re-adhere itself to the cap.

Next gently hammer down the edges if you want them a bit more open than they already are. Just tap gently as you slowly rotate the cap.
If you are making bottle cap jewelry, now is the time to use a small nail to pound a hole in the edge - just start out with light pressure taps. The caps can be a little slippery here.

Here are some different looks depending on how far you hammer the edges down.

After they are the shape you like you can paint them. This step is not really necessary and will certainly add a bit to the cost if you don't already have spray paint on hand (which I usually do). I'm just not a big fan of gold and I wanted some of them to look like little pies so I painted those brown and painted the rest silver.

The inside circle of the caps are 1 inch. So I purchase a one-inch circle cutter at a craft store. If you're doing a lot you'll definitely want to invest in one of these awesome gadgets seen at the top of this photo.
I designed circles on my computer that are labeled with weekly chores and color coded in my kids favorite colors. I decided that I would lead by example here and make myself some printed chores as well, so I designed some little circles to look like lattice top pies (could you tell they were pies?)

Pop out your circle designs and then lightly spread the inside of the cap with decoupage. 

 Press you circle in and hold for a few seconds.

 I finished them with another light coat of decoupage, but you can also buy one-inch, clear epoxy stickers at craft stores that look great in bottle caps (I was just trying to keep the cost down and didn't think a chore chart needed to be so fancy. If you are making bottle cap jewelry definitely get some of these stickers.)

Use super glue and attach some small magnets to the backs.

To make the boards I purchase cookie sheets at the dollar store and used rub-on scrapbook stickers for the lettering. I coated the letters lightly with some clear spray paint then hammered holes on the edges with nails. (Do this before your hammer them into a wall.) 

Ta-Da! Here's our reusable weekly chore chart.


  1. I love this chore chart. I am not sure how to make the chores in 1" circles. would you mind emailing me the file so I can print them.Or telling me how you designed them. I would love to do this with my kids. Thanks!

    1. I used Publisher and made 1-inch circles then put text boxes over them. (Sorry, I can't find the file.)

      If I were doing it again I might just buy 1-inch circle labels at Staples to print them on.