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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shoe Box Dollhouse

How to turn a shoe box 
into a dollhouse 

This year I wanted to make an extra special "Operation Christmas Child" gift. Not having a whole lot of money to spend, I decided to use my creativity and love of crafts.
I decided to turn the box itself into part of the gift.

Here I've gathered my supplies. 
You'll need:
  • a shoe box
  • scrapbook paper
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • a ruler
  • an Exacto knife
  • an old board book that you don't mind ruining (I got mine at Goodwill)
  • decoupage 
  • dollhouse furniture (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Sand paper (if you're going to paint the furniture)
  • craft paint or spray paint (if you plan to paint the furniture
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • The lalaloopsies and house were just for scale.

Here are the pieces of furniture I chose for this house. The chairs are actually a stacking game but they fit perfectly with the furniture and went with the color scheme I wanted. (The would spray paint really easily if you want a different color.)

If you're painting your furniture pull the blanket off the bed and gently sand down all the pieces. 
Then dust them off.
Spray paint would have been so easy, but I didn't have the right colors so I used craft acrylic paints.

Next Build the house

Cut the binding on your board book and then cut the inside seem where the pages meet.

The pages will pull right apart. Measure out the area you'll need for the floor.
Run your Exacto knife over the lines several times until it slices through.

Here's my second story floor!

Measure the walls and floors and cut the appropriate sizes of scrapbook paper.
Run the wallpaper along the area it will go and crease the corners.
Decoupage one area at a time and smooth the paper over it. Hot glue the second floor into place.

Here the house has its floors and wall paper. Now I'm adding a few of these stickers as embellishments - gotta make it feel nice and homey!

I made a new blanket out of felt and used some string to give it a cute boarder.

Here's how it all turned out after being painted.

I added a few "pillows" to the bed.

Upstairs bedroom

Ready for bed!


Here it is all packed up and ready to add some more things. We'll put a toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, washcloth, candy, and a few other toys in before we send it off.

Of course this project could be done for any little girl but I really enjoyed making it for 
"Operation Christmas Child" 
As I worked I prayed for the little girl who will receive it in a few weeks. 
It always amazes me that these small boxes can change a life forever.
For more information about "Operation Christmas Child" please visit


  1. This is sooo adorable!! Thank you so much for posting! I want to make some for my Operation Christmas Child boxes this year!!

  2. Thank you Michelle! I had so much fun making this.