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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Quick and Simple Christmas Celebration

Grinch Goodies
This is one of the activities we did with our "Activity Advent Calendar" this year. 
It was really quick to put together. 
We invited cousins over the enjoy the afternoon with us. 

Those are "Green Velvet" cupcakes. Same exact thing as red velvet just use green food coloring in your recipe rather than red. We topped them with cream cheese frosting. I think next time I will add a strawberry to make little Santa-looking hats.

This punch was again, SO EASY! All it is, is lime sherbet with lemon-lime pop. The kids loved it and I loved how affordable and doable it was. 

These sugar rimmed glasses took me a little trial and error, but it all worked out in the end.
 (DO NOT try water like you would for rimming a margarita glass. After trying this and having a dissolving  dripping green rim I had a "No Duh" thought that sugar doesn't react to water like salt!)
Take a shallow, flat bottomed, microwaveable dish and put about a teaspoon of honey in it. Microwave a few seconds until it spreads evenly across the bottom of the dish. Dip the rims of your glasses in the honey then in the green sugar.
 Beautifully rimed holiday glasses (with no melting sugary drip)!!

While the kids ate and drank their goodies around the kitchen table I read them the book. Then we snuggled up in the living room to see the movie - a fun, festive, affordable afternoon! 

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