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Friday, December 28, 2012

Camping In The Forest
Birthday Party
My son loves camping. He asks me about once a week when we're going camping again. This started the day after our last camping trip in early September! While constantly being hounded about camping in the winter months isn't fun, it gave me a great idea for his December birthday.

We set the scene for this party with these super simple, super cute invitations.

Treat Table

Camping Cake with a graham cracker tent. 
Inside is chocolate cake with chocolate whipped filling and gummy worms. 

The treat table was so simple. 
With a little imagination and creative labeling you don't have to make much for a forest party. 

(My son is now convinced that "Bugles" are actually called Gnome Hats)


The acorn cookies were one of the few things we had to make, but even they were really easy. I got the 100 calorie packets of fudge striped cookies (because they're the right size) almond Kisses and then I just broke up a few of our "Twigs" for the stems. Melt a little almond bark to glue it all together. These took me and my husband only about ten minutes!

Just mini water bottles relabeled for the drink! 
We set them in a wooden box lined with imitation moss.

The pinata didn't turn out quite as I'd imagined it, but it was crunch time and it was destined to be smashed to bits so I let it go. I used a simple paper mached balloon and cut of the top and turned to over between layers.

You can find direction all over the place for the folding kids' play tent. (See Pinterest) I didn't follow any set of directions. I bought a flat twin sheet and two 8 foot molding strips (cut in half) and three 3 foot dowels. I delivered them to Grandma and Papa with a verbal description of what I wanted and they made it happen!

For this game I got a simple fish pattern and sewed all around the edge except the "mouth." We then filled them with little trinket favors and used large safety pins to close the fishes' mouths. I nailed a hole through a round magnet and looped the hook of our dollar store rod though. All the kids LOVED this game! We had kids ages 3-10 so it was great to have an activity they all enjoyed.

Watch yard sales and second hand stores for stuffed animals. They make an easy and cute decoration.
 (We also borrowed some.)

We set up our Christmas tree and set a few dollar store nests in it and hung our acorn necklaces all over it.

To make the necklaces we searched the ground at a local park. The acorn we found were all in two pieces. We took them home and washed them off then I matched up sizes. I used hot glue and put a nice blob on the top then laid the string over it and attached the bottom. 
A very affordable party favor!

Animal Mask Favors

These took me some time and I wouldn't say they were "easy" unless you're experienced with felt. I drew the patterns for these and hand stitched each one. I think they were totally worth the time though, because they turned out so stinkin' cute! 
You could hot glue them to save time or there are lots of these cuties you can purchase on Etsy. 

Our photo backdrop is made from a blanket from Ikea. We added an old wooden orchard box for the kids to sit on and some small Christmas trees. (I purchased these on clearance years ago after Christmas.)
To make it wider (and hide my messy craft table) I added some strips of burlap and a torn brown sheet.

We took pictures of the kids here and had the birthday boy open his presents here in "The Forest."
He loved his party this year and is talking about his next forest party already. 

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