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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Creative Gift Ideas for Crafters

These are what we made this year as gifts for my girls' teachers and principal. 
I wanted something useful and festive
To make the towel angels scrunch a pot holder in the center and tie with a ribbon. Fold a kitchen towel in half and then fold it accordion style. Lay the washcloth flat and fold it accordion style then wrap it around the towel. Place this on the pot holder and use the remaining ribbon to tie around the towel and washcloth to form the angel's head. 
We added a whisk filled with Christmas candies and attached a note the said,
 "We 'Whisk' You a Merry Christmas!"
(The towel angels without the candy-filled whisk cost only $2-$3)

 If you give a first grader a book...
... be sure she has a toy to go with it!

This is what I made as a gift for someone in first grade. I found the book (one of my favorites) on sale and made the felt toys and a cookie mix to go with it.

This was a very affordable gift, but time consuming. I drew out the pattern for the mouse myself and spent lots of time embroidering his face. 
In the end I think it was worth it and something almost any 6 or 7 year old will enjoy.

Use you Cricut to make felt patterns!

I was looking for an affordable gift for my daughter's  "Secret Santa" gift exchange at school. There was a $5 limit and after wandering almost every isle of a major department store we were still empty handed. Finally we decided to get a sketch book (almost every girl likes to doodle) and 
personalize it with some Cricut cutouts. 

We used her favorite animal and color as well as putting her name across the top. 
Plain $2 sketch book (ho-hum) to something all about her!

When it was all finished I had some leftover cutouts and thought they'd be really easy to cut felt around. The hat and boot are from the birthday cartridge. (The horse I had to use a color book page to make.) The cutouts were a great pattern and cost only the price of the paper I cut them from. Best part they were really fast and easy to sew. 

An affordable gift that I think almost any cowgirl is sure to love!

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