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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Valentine's Scratch Card

Valentine's Day
is coming up quick...

and it doesn't always go according to plan.

One year I tried creating a romantic evening for me and my husband after our three hoodlums were in bed... 

I made cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, and set out a plate of fancy cheeses with water crackers. The kids were fed, bathed, and sent to bed so it would just be me and my man when he got home from work around 8. 

Things I remember from this evening:
-My husband came home tired and empty handed.
-The kids refused to stay in bed that night. 
-Those hoodlums crashed our party, discovered our treats, and insisted they get some too. (Even though I'd already fed them a special kid friendly Valentine's meal.)
-My husband fell down the stairs carrying the cheese platter and scattered bits of cheese from one end of our kitchen to the other. (This still makes me smile when I think about it.)
-The cat bit my husband's nose really hard in the middle of the night (this still makes me laugh out loud because it was such a perfect ending to this imperfect day!)

So this year I've made a scratch card.
It's simple. It's Silly. It's flexible and affordable.

Below is a tutorial because maybe you too need something flexible and affordable this Valentine's Day.

This is the card I designed on the computer. Feel free to take these ideas or make your own. You can even draw your own in pen so long as the ink is completely dry before the next step. 
Be as romantic, racy, or crazy as fits you and your sweetheart.

You'll need
-Your card
-A crayon
-Acrylic Paint
-A paint Brush

 Color over the hearts with a *white crayon. Press hard and make sure you get the entire area.

Carefully paint over the hearts with gray paint. Allow it to dry completely.

Give it to your sweetie with a coin to scratch their choices. 
And be ready to enjoy an evening together even if the kids interrupt and a cat bites your nose. 

*Pink crayon also works or gray crayon with red paint.

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