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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Firefly 30th Birthday

My husband recently turned the big THREE - OH. 
Having an addiction to party planning, I could not let this milestone go unnoticed.

I decided to make it a surprise and make it all about his favorite show: Firefly

If you haven't seen the show, this party will NOT make any sense to you. If this is the case, stop what you are doing and go rent (or better yet buy) the show and watch it RIGHT NOW because it really is that awesome!

If you haven't heard of Firefly it's because it was tragically cancelled after filming just 14 episodes.
This did not stop fans from becoming totally obsessed and rallying enough support for them to create a follow up movie finishing some of the story lines left hanging.

Also, some fans have been known to become so obsessed they create corny shin digs centered around the show. See below for more details.

Here's the invitation. The other side said:
{Husband} is turning 30 and we aim to celebrate

Join us for a Firefly inspired dinner
{time and place}
Remember to fly under the radar and land on time - it's a surprise!

Having a cargo bay meant very little tidying up in our front room (which holds my craft corner).
I just stacked some boxes, labeled it, and added some oriental style parasols
I ran out of time before the party so I hid the mess my craft table had become with a bright cloth and stacked some more parasols on top. 

Sadly these boxes don't actually have Bobble-Head Geisha Dolls in them. (If I'd had a bigger budget I totally would have ordered some as party favors though.) These are here because it's mentioned in the show that this is something the crew smuggled transported.

He done good so I made both Wife Soup and fresh Bao.
This was my first batch ever of Bao. They didn't turn out pretty, later batches were better but hard to photograph because they really are good and get eaten quickly. No wonder Walsh was so excited to see fresh Bao.

For "Simon's Protein Cake" I cheated and just used chocolate.

I love that some of our guests dressed the part!

Ice Planets!
Her food was definitely problematic... don't worry though, we found her a proper bowl and spoon.

A few of the decorations

There was also a quote bubble at kid-level reading, "I aim to misbehave."
A corner of our living room was draped in fancy oriental fabrics, complete with pretty lanterns, teapot and cups to represent Inara's shuttle.

Because a lot of our friends and us have young kids we weren't able to actually watch the show so instead we had a few space themed games for the kids to  play. Besides, watching people try to eat Ice Planets is entertainment enough for almost any party!

Proof of a successful party

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