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Monday, February 18, 2013

FMN: Beauty and the Beast

For Family Movie Night this month we combined our planned movie with our Valentine's Day celebration.
They really go hand-in-hand and it was so fun to introduce our kids to one of our favorite Disney classics from when we were kids.

Here's the setup before we put the food out.
We of course had to have a teapot and rose. 
I found an old book at a second hand store and took pages from it and put them in frames I already owned (they were also purchased at a second hand store and painted to match).

For the party we had the option of a hot herbal tea or passion fruit lemonade - inspired by Starbucks. I just follow the directions on the Tazo iced tea package and then add a few scoops of powdered lemonade to taste.

The treats:

 French Delicacies 

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