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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello Kitty 
11th Birthday

I told my husband that we were keeping it simple this year and I honestly tried... he laughed when he came home and saw the setup.  My daughter came home and "fainted" then rolled around on the kitchen floor for a bit so it was worth it even if it did go a little beyond "simple."

My daughter loves Hello Kitty so when I saw this at one of my favorite party sights I was inspired! 
I loved that it used such a fun color palette with no pink (my girl is not a huge fan of pink). It was also very affordable because I knew that I could make almost everything myself with a printer, scissors, and scrapbook paper.

I made a banner that said "Hello Katie" and used simple crepe paper streamers for the backdrop.
(Hint: A super simple way to achieve this is to glue the streamers ahead of time onto strips of foam board and gently roll the streamers up. When it's time for the party just tape the foam board up with packing or painters tape.)

Just measure the original label and create your own to go over it.
I left some of the chrome showing on the whipped cream because it went with our party, but you don't have to - just peel off the original label and measure it and design your own.

I looked for months for little buckets and didn't find any so I had to come up with a new plan :( Then just a few days before the party we ended up at Ikea. Hooray! These chrome planters were only $1 each there. 
I wasn't sure they were food ready so I lined each with parchment paper.

A simple label printed out and punched out with a cutter I have from Joann's.

Reusing drink bottles: I poked straw holes in the lids to make them a bit more spill-ready. 
I used my cricket to cut out the bows then used two and glued the ends together so they easily slipped on the straws.

Cupcakes with Cookie Toppers
This is where you'll find a  tutorial on flood frosting cookies - just keep in mind that this is for looks and not so much for flavor.

I made a few kid friendly sandwiches and cut them out with a cookie cutter.
The bow is slice grape tomatoes, the eyes are made with olives, and the nose is yellow bell pepper.

Simple favors:
 Hello Kitty character bottle cap charms for each child, bandaids, tattoos, and notebooks. 

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  1. Just found this on Pinterest - How did you poke holes in the Frappuccino caps? Thanks Athena