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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Precious Baby Shower

I like to use the nursery theme for baby showers so that parents can use some of the decorations when it's over. (My husband also likes this because it keeps our basement a little less full!) 

Originally there would have been a cake in the center of this table but I did not like how it turned out so we ate it and did not display it. It's good to be flexible in decorating. 

I start shopping second hand stores early when I know I'm hosting a party in the coming months. This saves me tons of money and gives me time to make-over items to suit the color scheme and party theme.
I bought all these cute clothes second hand as well as the blanket and doll!

To Coordinate the frames, I again shopped at second hand stores. Most of them were gold and pretty ugly but a little spray paint and glaze and they're shabby chic and oh so precious!

There were lots of kids at this shower so I tried to come up with games and activities that they would enjoy too. This one was simple and a fun way to make a parent's worst chore a little more fun. We just drew pictures or wrote notes on the diapers. Mom and Dad chose their favorite and that person won a prize.

Another game we played was like Baby Shower Pictionary but instead of drawing we used play dough and you had to sculpt and shape your word.

Lastly we played musical chairs just for the kids and used lullabies for the music. 

These were the table centerpieces. I couldn't find enough figurines in my second hand treasure hunts so I made these. I used a technique that uses clay, bathroom silicone, and plaster of Paris. (I plan to do a tutorial on this later if anyone is interested). 

Edible centerpieces are another favorite of mine because it makes clean-up so much easier and fewer things to take home or send home with others after.

The kids really liked this figurines as well so I sent each of them home with one as a party favor.


  1. Hello. Do you make these cakes? If so, where are you located and is it possible to order a cake and have it shipped? I followed a link from another blog to yours in the hopes that I would find the person responsible for making a fabulous blue ombre mermaid cake? I absolutely HAVE to have one for my birthday in late january so please help me!

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