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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake

1st Birthday

I decided to throw a Vintage Strawberry Shortcake party for my nieces first birthday. My sister loves Strawberry Shortcake so it seemed a good fit since the guest of honor wouldn't remember it anyway!

We want with all things strawberry for the dessert table except actual strawberries since this was in January. (Some pink "chocolate" dipped strawberries would be a must if they were in season.)
We also made a Huckleberry pie for my brother-in-law because we were celebrating his birthday too and he doesn't like cake and really because it just goes with the theme!

Add some color coordinating ribbon to jars for a simple way to bring it all together

Another Second-hand find turned into a party decoration with just a printer and glue!

We got a few first birthday themed decorations at a dollar store. I traced the shape and made them personalized with some scrapbook paper.

Handmade party favors. Lots of tracing and cutting but it was worth it. I found this pattern for free with a Google search and filled them with strawberry whoppers.
Those pillows in the background were more Second-hand store treasures (can you believe my luck?!)

With a little help from my Cricut Cake I was able to really pull together the them of both Strawberry Shortcake and the pieces we found at the dollar store.

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