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Saturday, November 9, 2013

This party clearly has a Christmas theme but I must admit that it was actually my daughter's 10th birthday party.  

I was super excited when she told me she wanted an ELF party. There was no turning back or mind-changing this time even if she told me more than four months in advance.

I've decided to share it now because this is when most people would want to host an elf party... although if you do decide to do it in the Spring you will get an awesome deal on all your party needs at post-holiday sales like I did!

In fact, because we'd saved so much on decorations and goodies and because it was the big ONE-O (double digits!!) we splurged and rented our local skating rink for the event.

Here are all the foods that an elf needs to survive! 
(Not pictured are some huge, human friendly vegetable, cheese, & cracker platters.)

A cocoa bar to warm up when you get off the ice.

Complete with "The World's Best Coffee" there on the end.

Party favors - doubling as a way to get some of those extra sweets gone before we all head home!  These were filled up with cute Christmasy trinkets and jingling bell bracelets. 

Simple movie quote decorations

The Cake!
Red and green velvet cupcakes with spaghetti frosting surrounded our little fondant "Buddy."

Like any good elf, we topped the spaghetti with m&m's, maple syrup, and crumbled Pop Tarts.

And if you are really lucky you might just have an awesome friend who has sewn an Elf costume already and will loan it to you for the event!  The costume made our photo booth and party complete! 

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