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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frozen Castles

An easy affordable way to get adorable ice castles

I found these castles at second-hand stores for super-cheap.  The big one is "broken." Meaning there is a hinge on the back that nothing attaches to and a button inside that does nothing but for $4 to make a big party decoration these imperfections didn't bother me.

The one on the left was a bit more - $7 but came with adorable furniture and I loved the semi-translucent tower peaks.

Step one (not pictured) involved lots of time soaking in the tub and "Goo Gone" to remove a lot of stickers. This took quite a bit of time but was worth it to me in the end.

After all the stickers were removed and the castles were thoroughly dry I taped off the one area I didn't want covered in snow and ice and then primed them with Kilz spray paint primer. Then just a simple layer of white spray paint was applied.  When the white was dry I did light, sweeping sprays with a light blue. Lastly, I let my little lady go nuts with glitter spray paint - she was so delighted to help plan and decorate her party this year!

Here's our big ice and snow covered Arendelle. 

And the smaller castle with tape removed and the tower peaks snapped back into place. Even I was surprised with how beautiful this smaller one turned out.  All the little details seem to pop under its new color.

We pained the insides too (you'll want to because it gets in the windows) and it looks fabulous with its furniture in place - a palace fit for a queen!

Here's what you'll need for this castle makeover. 
(Not pictured are "Goo gone" and dish soap.)

I've only found Kilz spray paint primer at Home Depot. It's a bit spendy but so worth it. It gives a smooth, lasting surface to spray paint. The glitter spray paint was also purchased there and wouldn't be necessary but my birthday girl loved this extra touch.
Krylon is my most favoritest spray paint ever and is a tad more affordable at Walmart.

If you have to go out and buy all the spray paint this project could add up really fast (I always have spray paint on hand) but I think it would still be cheaper than the castles sold in stores.

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