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Monday, August 24, 2015

Super Mario Party

Fire Ball "Fire Power"

Mint Mento "Ice Power"

Star Power Sandwiches
Made in a bit of a rush this were a little cuter in my mind but were easy and crowd pleaser. Almost every child loves cheese and olives.

In a last minute rush I let my kids cut out the paper portion of these decorations.
The green pipe is actual PVC piping purchased at our local home improvement store. A little green spray paint and they were perfect.

Foam board cloud, Dollar tree bags with felt question marks glued on to carry all their favors and pinata candy. I made the boxes with my Cricut and each had a little Mario character toy inside.

Hand-made Bob-omb pinanta

Super loud - super fun game: Goomba Stomp!
  I couldn't find brown balloons so we went with gold. I cut out small paper plates for their feet and used the extra piece to make their angry eyebrows.

In each Goomba was a chocolate gold coin.

Pin the mustache on Mario!

Yoshi noise maker party favors.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Family Movie Night: Tangled

We're finally starting up our monthly FMN again!
First one of the year - Tangled!

We were lucky to find a cute Tangled game on clearance a few days before our Movie Night.  This stood as our only decoration but the food carried the theme just fine on its own.
I used my cute chalkboards to label the food (found these for just $1 each at JoAnn's!).
We used these cute mini fry pans for plates
My kids and niece had so much fun learning to bread bread sticks.  We just bought package cans of garlic bread sticks then stretched them a bit and braided!

Angel HAIR pasta and bow pasta boiled with purple food color (add beets or beet juice of you want to go more natural but get a fun color.)

These did not turn out as promised on Pinterest. (DO NOT try to bake the cake into the cone by putting the cone upside down on the cupcake. Just put the batter in the cone!) It didn't effect the flavor though. My littles had fun adding the flower sprinkles after I'd frosted the details on.

While a little elaborate for a movie night maybe, these were really fun to make and brought the color and Fairy Tale to our table.  Definitely worth it if you have the time.