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Monday, August 24, 2015

Super Mario Party

Fire Ball "Fire Power"

Mint Mento "Ice Power"

Star Power Sandwiches
Made in a bit of a rush this were a little cuter in my mind but were easy and crowd pleaser. Almost every child loves cheese and olives.

In a last minute rush I let my kids cut out the paper portion of these decorations.
The green pipe is actual PVC piping purchased at our local home improvement store. A little green spray paint and they were perfect.

Foam board cloud, Dollar tree bags with felt question marks glued on to carry all their favors and pinata candy. I made the boxes with my Cricut and each had a little Mario character toy inside.

Hand-made Bob-omb pinanta

Super loud - super fun game: Goomba Stomp!
  I couldn't find brown balloons so we went with gold. I cut out small paper plates for their feet and used the extra piece to make their angry eyebrows.

In each Goomba was a chocolate gold coin.

Pin the mustache on Mario!

Yoshi noise maker party favors.

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